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Finally, it is the last weeks of winter and I must admit I am counting down the days until spring bursts onto the scene. I really can’t wait for longer, lighter days, blossoms and colour.

However, August need not be colourless and grim when you can give your rooms an effortless makeover on a budget.

Gone are the days when designer inspiration cost a bundle and the thought of making over your living area or bedroom made your piggybank frown. With just a little planning and of course, knowing the right place to shop, you can have all of the colour and energy of spring to enliven any room in your home.

I absolutely love designer pieces. I love it even more when I can get that expensive Luxe look for less. There are so many fabulous homeware stores to shop, both online and locally there is no excuse to let the end-of-winter blues get you down. So let’s check out some of my favourite ways to add some warmth and energy to your home.
Citrus and Grape Centrepiece

So it is Christmas Eve day and you still don't know what to get that difficult to buy for Brother-in-law or you just got the call your girlfriend is dropping by and you are sure she is going to give you a present and you haven't shopped for her - Yikes!

Gifts you can Print to the rescue (or SMS, email, Facebook or Whatsapp).  


Take advantage of purchasing eGift cards or experiences by instantly and electronically sending the gift to your gift recipient.  This is better than buying a plastic gift card because you can always reprint an email code if you lose the piece of paper and now with the new legislation, most gift cards and vouchers have a 3 year expiry or in the case of just what it says ... no expiry.

I don't know which to buy

If you hesitate to use gift cards because you don't know which one to buy.  My advice is get something universal.  At you can buy a virtual Mastercard which can be used anywhere Mastercard/Visa is accepted.  

Perhaps a voucher for an experience from is the ticket.  Your giftee can choose from any of the experiences on their site and use the voucher towards the price of a larger, more decadent experience.

Where do you source these fabulous, in-the-nick-of-time gifts?

Here are my recommendations


Red Balloon

No Expiry

eGift Cards


Gift Pay with eCards from $5

Gift Card Store with virtual Mastercards

Here are some curated sales that caught my attention including promo codes for that additional discount or free postage...
My love affair with eBay Australia continues.  They have kicked off April with a stunning fashion sale with up to 70% off amazing fashion brands.  From April 2 until the 7th selected fashion retailers including Myer, Glue Store, Zimmy, Sol Sana, Saba, SurfStitch and Nike have massive sales on men's, women's fashion, shoes and accessories.  Also check out 40% off bevelles jewellers on eBay or kathmandu store for up to 50%.  But wait there is more. Take advantage of FREE shipping with selected sellers by using this code at checkout.  PFREESHIP.

Here is another one of my favourite deals on eBay.  If you love cooking and decking out your kitchen, then you will love this.  One of my favourite kitchen brands, KitchenAid eBay store is celebrating Kitchenaid's 100th anniversary and celebrating with 20% off some of their premium hero products.
Duration: 2 April – 9 April • 20% off selected items code: PASTA 

Deals on tech?
KOGAN is doing a range of discounts on Apple products. Apple normally don't discount. 
- Macbook Air discounts Apple 13" MacBook Air (128GB, 1.8GHz, i5) - MQD32 $1,399 Don't Pay $1,499 Save $100
- Apple 13" MacBook Air (128GB, 2.2GHz, i7) $1,549 Don't Pay $1,739 Save $190
- Apple 13" MacBook Air (256GB, 1.8GHz, i5) - MQD42 $1,599 Don't Pay $1,799 Save $200

Apple iPhone 7 Refurbished (32GB, Gold) - AB Grade Factory refurbished to the highest working standards. $479 covered by Kogan warranty (1 year).   Also free shipping using code FREE4U ends soon. 
Full Article on The Carousel
Pinky Promise Polish
Easter season is coming and isn't a happy one for everybody especially those with allergies. Follow our guide to a healthy and ethical Easter!
If you have family and friends with allergies, special diets or just not massive chocolate fans, finding an appropriate gift for the season can be difficult. So, shopping challenge accepted! I was delighted to discover some inspired options for healthy Easter eating.

I started thinking about the recipients of my gifts and I decided to add a little inspiration to make it much more fun, healthy and ethical too. Need I add that providing healthy eggs options to your Easter hunt will guarantee the kids wont be bouncing off the walls on a sugar high?   

Carob Kitchen Mini Easter Eggs
Carob Kitchen’s all-natural carob products are 100 per cent Australian owned and grown, and free from added sugars, dairy, caffeine and preservatives. Carob is also a great source of dietary fibre and is rich in calcium, iron, and Vitamins A, B2, B3, B6 and D.
Pinky Promise Polish



The warm weather is here – hooray!  

Winter weather seemed to last forever this year, perhaps because we Melbournites were in lockdown at home, with curfews and limited daily shopping and exercise time.  

Yes it was a little grim!

Now the weather is sunnier, warmer and the lockdown is being rolled back, it is time to get serious about popping on a dress, glamming up, dusting off the high heels and getting back out in the world looking and feeling great.

I asked around about what are the best at-home tanning products. It is always fun to hear opinions and war stories... and ohhhh the war stories!!

My friend, a world-renowned underwear stylist, who works with models and fits clients raved about Bondi Sands.   She and her clients have raved about the colour, ease of use and fragrance.

This had me fascinated.
The last time I regularly tanned was using products that were more ‘orang-utan Trump’ than a subtle, natural tan and smelled like a toxic dump.

I must admit my curiosity was piqued when I was told that home tanning products could smell good and look natural. 

Game on!

I checked out the Bondi Sands YouTube channel

My immediate questions were
1. What is in the range?
2. Which product will I test drive?
3. What is the best way to apply?

Yikes! All of those gorgeous girls in bikinis made the instructions easy to follow however just a little intimidating for a middle-aged, chubby shopaholic. 

If I can do it, surely anyone can... right?

As a woman with some years and kilometres on the clock, how would I find these products?

How natural would the product look on my really pale skin? 

Would the tan be complimentary on my older skin? 
What happens if I really make some nasty mistakes?

So that is the set up for my test drive. Let’s see how the product sized up to my criteria.

The Product Range

The range of products was extensive. Gone are the days where you slop on some product and scrub your hands clean. 

The preparation products were interesting so I lined up an array of options to try.


Naturally, the idea is to make sure your skin is smooth, moist and a blank canvas ready for application. 

A couple of days prior to the test I started using the self-tan friendly body wash and body moisturizer

'They are delicious'

Self-tan friendly or not, I would use these products any time. 

The subtle coconut fragrance was a delight to the senses. I wasn’t sure if I was inspired to head to the beach or drink cocktails with little umbrellas. 

Regardless, the fragrance evokes sunny holiday feelings. The body wash is refreshing and gentle. The body moisturizer is luxurious and nourishing without being greasy leaving a soft, youthful, happy skin.

Self Tanning Products

Decisions on which product to use was a little complex and as this is a test drive I wanted to sample a couple of them.

On checking out the information and ingredients there were a couple of items that caught my attention. The product is Australian Made, paraben-free, SLS free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. I also liked that there is a Self Tan Eraser too. Given my concerns about making mistakes, this gave me some comfort.

Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk Body Moisturised is where I started. 

This cocoa butter fragranced moisturiser is a subtle way to build up a tan particularly if you are as pale as I am. I used it on my face, décolletage and arms. It gave me a gentle, gorgeous golden glow that looked natural like I had been to the beach for the weekend. With daily use, this product would build to a more golden colour. It is perfect for those just wanting to build a gradual tan over weeks.

The Product Range

The Self Tanning Foam was easy to apply particularly with the application mitt and the colour looks like a real Aussie tan. 

The 1 Hour Express Foam, also easy to apply and the perfect product for that emergency night out or for those of us who demand instant gratification. 

I used this on my legs and wow, did they look like I had been a dedicated tanner. The colour was very natural and my skin looked healthy. It was not drying at all.
Test Drive Results Summary

The products not only lived up to what I had heard, they exceeded my expectations. They were not drying, smelly or difficult to apply. On the contrary, they were easy to use.  The fragrance is all holiday and no chemical smell, and the results were great. The range of products ensures there is something for everyone from the pale to the sunkissed.  

Not only was the test drive a success, I will be using this product regularly through Summer.

*This is not a sponsored post. This is an independent review of product.


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